Choosing a music school – Majors

I am going to make what, to me, seems an obvious statement. If you have decided on a major, look at schools that offer that major. ONLY look at schools that offer that major. If you call a school and they tell you that they do not have a music business major (or whatever major you have decided on), cross that school off your list.

In addition, don’t be fooled if the school attempts to spin their answer. For example, if you ask me if Illinois offers a musical theatre degree, I could give you one of three answers:

  • “Yes, we have an Open Studies degree option in which you can create a musical theatre program. There are curently a number of students who have taken advantage of this option.”
  • “Yes, but . . .” The “but” in this case is that the School of Music does not produce any musicals. I see this as a major hindrance to a musical theatre program.
  • “No”

All of these answers are true. Answers 2 and 3, however, are also helpful.

The reason I stress this idea so much is that it happens on a regular basis. Some students have already made up their mind as to which school they would like to attend based on other criteria (their parents went there, their friends are going there, they like the school colors, etc). With their mind made up, they gladly overlook the fact that the program they wish to pursue doesn’t actually exist. I encourage all students to carefully examine the schools that interest them.

Please let me know what you think in the comments.


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